Amor Bernabé’s foundations are grounded on craftsmanship, slow fashion, and sustainable design. It combines contemporary esthetics with the subtle imperfections and the impossibility of industrialization that come with being handmade. This is combined with an inspiration that stems not from superficial trends of color or form, but aims to encompass the very philosophies and understanding behind them.


In this collection, I am navigating through myself. Nearly four years removed from what I used to call home, a sea of ​​doubts begin to surface within me. When life falters, the future is uncertain, and storms are upon you, your mind veers to a place where you have always been happy.
In these moments, my capricious mind transports me to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, where I played, loved, and cried and where the soothing waves washed away my troubles.
This is an introspective voyage of where I come from and who I am – a woman from the Mediterranean.
I am nourished by my memories and sensations – the smell of saltwater, my tangled hair, the remains of sand on my skin, the harshness of the sun on my shoulders, my sunkissed hair, and uniquely, the sensation of water rocking me, long after I leave the waters and as I approach Morpheus.
I remember my living companions in the Mediterranean. The alga that brushes my feet, the small fish on the shore and the larger ones in the depths, the rocks eroded by the water and the crabs that hide in them, the calm tide of the cold blue morning, and the warm gold of sunset.
In this collection, I have put my memories, the people I shared my life with, and the shells and stones that are still with me – everything I used to call home, and no longer is.  
I come from the Mediterranean, even though I now sail oceans.
If I am to have a course, I must remember where I come from.